Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Short Easter Break

For those who follows this blog closely, knows that my husband is currently at the Scandinavian land for a 6 months assignment (you can read it here). 

To be honest, it is tough to be a temporary single parents to 3 children and to add to the "challenge", our maid left in end of March and we have yet to find any replacement. At the moment, my in-laws and my mom take turns to take care of my children when I go to work. Juggling between 3 locations; USJ-Gombak-Cyberjaya has been my routine currently. Sometimes, I do work from home or bring the children to work whenever I had nobody to help me out. It is tough, but I know there are people going through tougher situation than mine so I am truly grateful that I am able to go through it and spent as much time as I could with my kids when their daddy is not around :)

We were fortunate that unlike us here in Malaysia, the Westerners celebrated Easter Day merrier than we are. Usually, they have Easter Break where school will be closed for a week and people took time-off from work. Because of this, my husband decided to take the chance and fly home for a short Easter break in early April. He took a week off (Easter break), and another week working in KL office so in total we have 2 weeks of togetherness as a family before my hubby fly off again to Norway...

We looked forward for the day to come and I also had a week off just to spend time with my other half and our kids. For the first time, I brought the twins along with me and Faaz to the airport to pick up my hubby. I knew the girls missed their daddy sooo badly and so did him. It would be a nice surprise for him!

Alhamdulillah, all three of them behaved well in the car. All were equally excited to meet their daddy after more than 90 days apart! We arrived quite early as the traffic was good so I brought them to have some donuts and drinks before we waited at the International Arrival Hall of KLIA

Alhamdulillah, my hubby arrived on time and we were so happy to finally be together at last! Twinnies especially, were glued to their Daddy and can't take him off their view at all! hehe. From KLIA, we went straight to Subang where we had our late lunch at hubby's favourite Nasi Kandar restaurant.

Falisya who can't seems to be parted from his daddy :)

At home, all three of them were excited to open the presents hubby bought for them from his trip to Norway, Switzerland and London. I got few surprises too! Awww, thanks sayangku! mmmuahs!!

The three FNs busy playing with their first BRIO train set (a popular Scandinavian brand).

While yours truly was totally glued to his sleepyhead/jet-lagged man. Ahahaha!
Mommy pun rindu Daddy jugek okeh! :P

After resting for few hours, that evening we went out for a family dinner with my in-laws and my SIL family. Time for family quality time and catching up session..

The girls were still over the moon to get their daddy back so each of them tried their very best to win hubby's attention. Aaaaaah, it's finally the time for mommy to rest! hihihi :D

During the one week off, hubby brought us for a short getaway to Port Dickson where we have our nucleus family quality time well spent. Thank you honey, it was so sweet of you! :) (Will blog about it separately in another post!).

Thistle PD...beautiful view, subhanallah! :)

A week went off so quickly and without we realized, it was the time for me and my hubster to resume our work although clearly we still longing for more time to spend together with the children... so that remaining week, we dined out almost everyday so that hubby puas makan M'sian food and at the same time we get to bring the kids for outing. Even when we arrived home late and went out straight with office attire, it did not matters. Time was running out... Nasiblah around Subang Jaya ni berlambak malls and restaurants..heheh! I did offer to cook for him but hubby said he wanted me to take a time-off from the kitchen. Awww, how sweet :)

Outing and dine out at the new mall nearest to our house, The Main Place

Dine out at Absolute Thai..

Dine out at our favourite diner is a must! Heheh!
Both of us in our office attire and kids all in their PJs..blasah! :P

When we arrived late from work..we went to 24 hours restaurants!


They even conquered the bed the whole time. 
Kiri kanan daddy they dah chop...
Mommy off night duty for two weeks! Thanks girls!! :D

Soon, the day for us to send him off to the airport again came. Huwaaaaa...Since my husband's departing time was during midnight, we left the twins at home with their grandparents. Tak boleh handle rasanya if they cry at the airport sebab mommy dia pun belum tentu tak nangis..eheh! :P So it was just me, Faaz and his daddy went to the airport that night...

After my husband finished with his checking-in, we went to a restaurant in KLIA itself for dinner. As usual, Faaz and my husband were both cool and relax and as usual, it was only me who was emotional :P  The thing was, hubby coudn't get his usual flight from Thai Airways as it was fully booked so he took MAS instead. I should be happy that it will be his first Airbus experience but with the recent incident, I became paranoid. Furthermore, during our dinner that night, hubby surprised me with another gift (he already got me 4 gifts from his trip!) that he bought from Norway (he RARELY surprise me, he's not that kind of person) and he has been soooo loving and caring for the past two weeks. Mulalah isteri dia fikir bukan-bukan kan. Makin berderai air mata nie...huhuhu T_T

Until hubby had to "tegur" me softly..

"Relax lah sayang, it's not the first time I'm going off...there's another remaining 2 months plus je, for all you know I'll be back again in your arms"

Ok, tetiba rasa malu and terus kesat air mata :P Kekeke...

I felt bad that I had to tell him the worry-ness I had in my mind. I was supposed to make him happy to fly instead I might made him worry. Lucky he was calmed and relax...he told me, "Sayang, if it would happened, it can happened anywhere and anytime, not specifically when I fly with MAS"

Hehehe..I KNOW the fact...BUT still..

I was worried. Sorry... :(

So finally we bid each other goodbye as soon as the gate for departure was opened. This time, being the "mengada" me :P, I brought Faaz all the way to the observation deck. In between the journey, we can still tailed my husband from above (there are few checkpoints with clear glasses that we can view my husband until he went for the train ride). Ini tengok puas-puas namanya :P

Hubby's going through the immigration checkpoint..

and he bid us temporary farewell before he went off...sobs!
Masa ni memang "lebat" la hujan kan. heheh

To date, it's about another 2 weeks plus before he finished off his 6 months assignments in Norway...and I am counting each day that passed and wait patiently for him to be back in my arms again. Can't wait! 

Mish you loads.. :)



ishamizu said...

I feel you darling, rasa nak nangis baca..sebak. Terharu tgk gmbo2 uols spending quality time together..esp pics twinnies with their daddy tuh. Priceless! ;)

Shah Sulong said...

fadzil looks so kurus.. huhu kesiannya berjauhan gini..

Nadine said...



Yes dear, during that two weeks I can see how much they missed their daddy! tu yg penuh gamba Fadzil and the kids dlm my phone. kesian diaorg, so mommy and abang Faaz bagi chance lebih kat diaorg :)

Nadine said...


Yup he is! Living alone in the scandinavian land where he has to cook everyday and have to walk A LOT when using public transportation.

Balik 2 minggu haritu mama dia la plg risau, seboleh2 nak dia makan bnyk to gain back weight. mana la sempat kan :D