Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Twinnies Are 3

Alhamdulillah, my twin daughters; Faiqa Nayra and Falisya Nayla turns 3 years old yesterday (sorry babies, mommy was too busy to write a post for you both yesterday). As a mom, nothing can beat the happiness of seeing their own child growing in front of her eyes healthily, cheerfully and cleverer each year. It such a blessing!

Few months before turning 3, both girls finally can talk in complete sentences and less "pelat". Faiqa especially has that British accent, all thanks to the cartoons they've been watching all these while...hihi. Whilst Faiqa is still shy when it comes to certain things, Falisya on the other hand has built quite a self confidence on herself. She is no longer shy dancing and singing in front of the crowd, and she kinda love the attention she got :)

Physically, they grew taller faster as compared to weight. I just discovered that they no longer fit in size 3 years old, especially when it comes to pants and skirts. The other day, the kurung for Eid that I ordered for them arrived and I made them both tried it out (I bought the size for 3 years old). Although the kurung blouse fits them both well and nice, unfortunately the kurung skirt were too short for them! >.< Am still figuring how to overcome this shortcoming..huhu.

As for their birthday celebration this year, since it fell on the month of Ramadhan, initially I only plan to buy a cake and let them cut during the iftar. However, only few days before their birthday (it's always the case with us! :P) that my husband wanted to do a small celebration with our close relatives and his parents suggested that we do an iftar. Kelam kabut juga we went here and there to get the things and prepare for the birthday iftar. Alhamdulillah, it finally went well. Will share about it in my next entry, insyaAllah :)

To my babies Faiqa & Falisya,

Happy Birthday sayangs! 

Mommy and Daddy feel so blessed that Allah gifted us with you both. Thank you for coming into our lives and cheer it up together with Abg Faaz. I can see that both of you has grown beautifully each day, alhamdulillah. Keep on smiling, keep on shining :)

Mommy pray that both of you will grow healthy and safe. May you have wonderful journeys growing up together and may you both have successful journey in life and the hereafter. Jadi anak-anak solehah, insyaAllah.

My blessings and love will always be with both of you, remember that k :)


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Mimy Hamid said...

happy borthday girls...comel cantik dua dua...sekejap rasa ..teringat u pregnant twin..