Tuesday, August 19, 2014

3rd Eid: The Outdoor Pleasure

Ever since my other half was confined at home due to chickenpox, we did not go anywhere during the 1st week of Eid. Pity of the kids for staying at home so long (we've stayed at home most of the weekends since Ramadhan because of Faaz), and since my husband has already went into the recovering stage, we've decided to go out on the 3rd Eid...

We chose to have a picnic at a lake because we knew not many people will be there because of Eid and public holiday for Eid is only for 2 days. I woke up very early in the morning and prepared nasi lemak for our picnic-lunch menu that day but my husband woke up quite late that day...so we ended up having lunch at home instead and postponed the picnic later that evening (during tea-time). :P

Since we have just did our groceries shopping a week before Eid, we have a huge stock of snacks so I packed some of it (yogurts, drinks, biscuits, crackers, and chocolates) and brought it together for our simple picnic that evening. We went to Taman Tasik Shah Alam, which is about 14km away from our house.

It was indeed almost empty and it was only us when we arrived at the park. So we quickly chose a spot, set up the mat and the food stuff before Faaz and his daddy started to kick the football they brought along. 

Falisya and me went for a short sightseeing, while Faiqa refused to join any of the activity. The minute she saw I unpacked the food stuff, she sat down on the mat and started requesting for food (she's the food lover in our family, btw...just like her mommy *blush* :D). She couldn't be bothered to join us at all, not until she finished off her meals..hahaha!

"I don't care, I won't get up until I finished off my yogurt and snacks, mommy"

Falisya came to visit her twins, but failed to convince her to left the mat :P

It was fun to see that the kids especially enjoyed being outdoor after quite sometime confined in the house. They ran, they jumped, they played with each other with laughters...blessed!

Since me and my husband loves photography, we brought along our digital cammie (which we did not use that often since we have iPhone :P) and the tripod. It was time to explore the camera again and at the same time brushing off our photography skills...

I just love this shot of my happy boy jumping :)

But my best shot was this candid. Unfortunately, it's not using the digital camera but my iPhone..hehe :D I just loved how Faiqa had a big laugh when she saw her own photo from the cammie screen :)

Me and my twin (not-so) babies. Thanks Sayang for this photo! :)

Since we brought along the tripod, we took the chance to snap some family photos, which surprisingly turned out quite well since the kids were looking and smiling to the camera. I guess the environment did help to cheer them up and brought the mood :) Here are some of our personal favourite shots...

Right before we went back home that evening, hubby spotted a huge tortoise swimming in the lake and it quickly catches the kids attention. I think they spent like 5 minutes at the bridge admiring and watched the tortoise while I packed our stuff to bring back home.

It was indeed a fun outing for all of us, and we were so glad that the kids enjoyed it. Should do this more often I guess :)



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