Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dugrostar™ - The Child Star Search

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone. It's like a necessary thing to have and in reality, it's hard for us to be parted with 'em! Not only for getting in touch with others through calls/video calls/sms, we need phones to be our GPS, dictionary, wikipedia, calculator, notebook or a camera/video camera to name some!

And if you are holding a "mommy" title just like me, I bet your Photos and Videos folders taken up most of the phone's storage, with at least 70% of it are the photos and videos of your children. kan? kan? kan? hihi. Well, they can't be be blamed, they are too adorable and they seems to amaze us each day with their smiles, the way they communicate with us, or simply with their attitude (p.s: I did recorded my kids when they had their tantrums sometimes because I found it hilarious and I plan to show the clips to them when they reach their teen years :P hahaha! *cheeky laugh*). The clips are sometimes too cute to be ignored and full of potential that we ended up sharing it with our family and friends via our social media so that they too can appreciate the kid's talent...yes? no?

Well, guess what, mommies? Danone Dumex recently has just launched Dugrostar™, an exciting performing arts platform for children to discover their fullest potential and showcase their talents to the whole country! With Dugrostar, every child got to be a star! All you have to do is to upload a video clip of your child's performance at . It can be singing, dancing, playing an instrument or a combination of these talents. As easy as 1,2,3! ;)

The kids and I were invited to attend the Dugrostar™ launch which was held at Kidzania, Mutiara Damansara on 19th August 2014. First thing first, we registered ourselves first upon arriving at the Kidzania. After getting our tags and goodies, we were directed to the top floor where the Kidzania's Theatre is situated.

The registration counter

The kids with their ID tags, all set to attend the launch :)

The theater..

The children were then brought into a makeup room where a group of make-up artist and hair stylist were waiting for them. They were given a makeover session each. Cool!

Faaz Naqi was a bit uncomfy with the idea of  "make-up" since he's a boy :P

But the twinnies especially Falisya totally love it! The makeup artist told me that she even picked the eyeshadow color herself! Haha! Diva sangat tau :P

Faiqa was a bit shy tho... :)

My girls after the makeover. 
Alalala, cantiknya anak-anak dara, puji anak sendiri plak :P

After the makeover, we were then brought to Kidzania cafe where dinner were served before the event officially started. Like the Maxican says, "A full stomach makes a happy heart" :)

"You want some?"

Before we entered the theater, I brought the kids to the Dugrostar™ stage where the props were lined up at the side of the stage and the professional cameramen were on standby. A stylist then came and he started to put on the props on Faaz, Faiqa and Falisya for the photo session.

The Dugrostar™ Photo Stage

Funny thing was, the twins were pretty blurred when they were given the props and Faaz being the shy and reserved person himself the whole evening made it quite hard for the stylist and photographers to ask them to pose (or even smile! :P).  So this was the best photo that we could get from them....


During her opening speech, Danone Dumex Malaysia marketing director Monique Suryokusumo said that Danone Dumex believe that it is essential to cultivate the talents and creativity in children from their early years, as it is the time when they are most eager to absorb new ideas and experiences. That is why Dugrostar™ search is open to children as early as 3 years old (they have two age-based categories: three to six years and six plus to 10 years)

Presence as well during the launch were Dugrostar™ panel of expert advisors and judges share their insights on how creative expression and performing arts help children to develop holistically.

From left: 
Mr Zaid Mohamad, (Bestselling Author, Columnist, Certified Parental Coach and CEO of,  Mr Az’farr Baginda, (Principal of Blubricks, active in various theater productions), Ms Elaine Yong, (Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Sunway University), Ms Ruth Liew, Director of Malaysian Child Resource Institute and Child Developmentalist and Ms Katrina Lau, Executive Director and Founder of Blubricks 

After the session, the children were then called up stage and joined the Dugrostar™ talent team to dance to the official Dugrostar™ catchy song before we all had a photography session for a token of memory.

Attractive cash prizes are up to be won for Dugrostar™ talent search so mommies, why not send in your application now?! Who knows, one of those clips you have in your smartphone will bring you luck to win as much as RM5000 and who knows, one of your child is actually THE Dugrostar™ they've been searching for ?! ;)

To join, just send in your application in either of these 3 methods:

1) by uploading a video of your child’s performance at
2) by visiting select nationwide roadshows where live recordings can be made at the Dugrostar™ Recording Booth 
3) by submitting the completed registration form with a recording of their child’s performance and mailing it to the address found on the registration form.

Hurry up, send in your entries by 12 October 2014

Let the star in your child shine!! :)




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hehehe, aku pun! dkt sana lagi aku duk tahan gelak je. kesian dia kena paksa rela :P