Monday, September 8, 2014

E/// Merdeka Raya Brunch

Three days prior to our 57th Independence Day, the company I am working with organized a "Merdeka-Raya" Brunch at our office's cafeteria. This year we combined the Eid celebration with our National day. On that day, all employees were encourage to wear traditional clothes as our MerdekaRaya outfit. It was nice to see not only Chinese and Indian but also our Swedish colleagues were sporting enough and wore our traditional baju kurung and kebaya on that day :)

Our brunch started at 11am. Prior to this, all employees were required to stand before our national anthem ; "Negaraku" was played. We sang the song proudly ;) Alhamdulillah, there were variety of food served during the buffet brunch that I had two rounds of food myself...hihi *blush*

My first portion - Fried Mee and Nasi Arab

My second portion:
 Nasi Impit Kuah Lodeh, Lemang with Beef Rendang, Satay and BBQ Mutton with black paper sauce. 

Yeah, I'm a big eater like that. Bear with me ya!

Halfway through our meal, our Head of Country (Todd A.) gave a farewell speech for our two longest serving employees; Heilyn and Sivasundareswary who left E/// after 39 and 38 years of service. I wasn't even born yet when they first started working with E///! Hat's off to both of you! It's so hard to find this kind of loyalties nowadays..

With colleagues from different departments after we had our desserts. Hihi.

Since it's a Friday lunchtime (which is longer than the usual lunchtime) and since we gonna move out from this Cyberjaya office in few months time, we decided to have a photography session in the premises. 


Wonder what will be the deco for our new place since we will only occupied few floors of the building, unlike here where we have the entire building to ourselves.

Will it be the same as current (influenced by Swedish deco since we are Swedish company), or will it change???


Oh by the way, since I did not shopping much for this year's Eid I wore the same peplum kurung I wore for our Raya Luncheon last year (click on the link to view), with a simple twist. Instead of the blue skirt, the blue ribbon on my peplum and yellow scarf, I wore my red engagement skirt, omit the ribbon on the peplum and wore my favourite white poppy scarf from ForHawwa'. 

Last but not least...the selfiesssss or self-us, is a must since it is the "in" thingy right now. Haha!

Well, surely we will miss the building, the environment and all the sweet memories here in Cyberjaya office when we move out. Although the new office will be closer to my house, I'm a bit sad to leave Cyberjaya.....

for its free underground parking spaces and NO TRAFFIC JAM. 

The new place?

*Cries* T_T



my.mastura said...

eh..Cyberjaya tu x jam eh?

ko bab mkn mmg champion! tp tetap kurus..benci btol! hahah

Nadine said...

Takla Mas. Yg jam dari Cyber ke arah KL...traffic ke Cyber/Putrajaya smooth babe!

hehehe, ada lemak la wei. cuma aku pandai soroks. :P