Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Johnny Rockets @ Sunway Pyramid

Two weeks ago, we dine in at Johnny Rockets (JR) restaurant for the very first time. For those who didn't know, Johnny Rockets Malaysia opened its doors on October 28, 2013 and the first outlet is at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara. That night, we went to the Sunway Pyramid outlet, which is situated at the Blue Cube building, which is the biggest JR restaurant in Malaysia so far.

As you came in into the restaurant, you'll come to a counter area where the receptionist/waitress will greet you and brought you inside the dining area.

Opposite the counter is the waiting area, where patrons will be seated first if the restaurant is full. This is also a waiting place for parents while their children playing at the mini playground provided by JR.

Hubby dearie watching the kids played..

Twinnies really enjoyed their time-out! :D

The restaurant is quite huge. As we went inside, we can see two levels of dining area with the kitchen counter is situated at the middle area. Too lazy to climb up, we decided to settle down at the lower ground area..

The view as we entered the dining area...

Split level dining...

self-us while waiting for our orders to come..

There are variety of shakes/floats/burgers to choose for inside the menu. I heard JR is famous for its shakes and chilli cheese fries. We ordered vanilla shakes, chocolate shakes and coke floats as drinks. As for the main course, we had...

Bacon Cheddar Single (substituted the fries with onion rings)

Chicken Tenders 


Rocket Single 

The portions were big and the burgers were equally good as the ones we usually have in TGIF. Wanted to try out the chilli cheese fries and the desserts but we were too stuffed! :P

Every half an hour, the "YMCA" performance is performed by the staffs of JR as part of the entertainment. This is what made them stand out than the rest of the restaurants with similar concept.


Faiqa Nayra also joined the crowd. Haha!

Overall, it was a nice dining experience for the family. Clean, cozy, and good food. A bit on the overpriced side, but for the portion they served I think it is quite fair. 

Abang & Adik yg lately suka bergaduh... Haha!



Ayue Idris said...

akk!! bru pegi sini jgkkkkk... :)

Ainul Mustafa said...

macam menarik jgk tu.sambil makan anak2 boleh bermain