Monday, September 22, 2014

My Sister's Engagement Day

Alhamdulillah, my younger sister Hidayah finally got engaged with her high-school sweetheart in a simple Merisik-cum-Engagement ceremony held during the National Day leave recently.

Since it has been quite a while since the last time we organized any event at my mom's place, I decided to include a Tahlil for our late father (It's the 10th year he left us, btw...) and a doa selamat for my sister. The morning of 30th August, the tahlil/doa selamat ceremony started at 10.30am 

 My mom's friends from the yassin recital group

My twin daughters...
Nampak tak mata sembab? tak biasa bangun pagi la katakan. haha!

After the tahlil ended, the family members from the groom side came. I managed to help my sister with her scarf styling before I went down and joined the discussion/merisik ceremony.

With lovely Kak Ngah just after she got ready :)

I know, we ain't look the same. People always mistaken us as friends instead of siblings. We got that a lot! (and that made my sister annoyed every time because we are 6 years apart! kih kih! :P)

During the discussion... seen in this photo was the groom's father (in red baju melayu), my Uncle Hamid (the spoke person for our family; right at the corner, smiling and wearing specs) and my hubby (back view, on the left side :P).

The gifts from the groom's side in green/silver/black

The gifts from our side, hand made by our lovely mak :)

My sister purposely requested for a simple, combine merisik/engagement because they both had known each other for more than 10 years now and so does both of our families. It's just following the "adat" before proceeding to the important stage, marriage, insyaAllah in another few months.

Kak Ngah with her future MIL for the ring ceremony. She's been booked officially! :)

After the ceremony ended, everyone proceed to the buffet lunch before we called it a day. Alhamdulillah, all went out smoothly. Now that she is officially engaged, the preparation for Kak Ngah's big day officially started...bismillah..

Am so excited for her! hihi! :)

 With some of the family members after the ceremony

Kak Ngah with her fiancee...peace!



Nuriesya Nadia said...

Aahla muka akak dengan adik akak tak sama. Hahahaha. Btw , congrats Kak Ngah ! ^^

babYpose said...

it sounded peacefully done. love the twins while you n siaters both look young n sweet.

babYpose said...

it sounded peacefully done. love the twins while you n siaters both look young n sweet.