Monday, September 29, 2014

The Self-Service Laundry Experience

Since I was born, I never sent my clothes for laundry. I only visited laundry shop when I have to do dry-cleaning. During uni years, I was more comfortable to wash my clothes with hand wash and if I were too busy or too lazy (:P), I just packed everything up and washed my clothes using my mom's washing machine at home (my mom's place and my uni are only 10 minutes journey, fyi! hihi).

However, few weeks ago it was raining almost everyday. Dirty clothes started to pile up and the ones which has been washed took 2-3 days to completely dry. It was a headache and eyesore that I finally decided to go for a laundry. Being someone who is totally clueless, I went to consult my friends first. Most of them advised me to go for the self-service laundry instead of the normal laundry. More convenient, and we can get our dry and clean clothing on the same day.

Frankly, I was totally clueless at first. Did a bit of googling too, (nervous ok! tak pernah punya pasal...ahaks! :P) so that I have a rough idea on what to do, whatnot. Based on my findings, there are two well known self-service laundry chain in Klang Valley; Wash and Save and Clean Pro Express. I went to the latter, the Puchong branch during my lunch break.

First thing first, you need to bring:

1) dirty clothing (of course lah kan! :P)

2) laundry detergent & softener (OPTIONAL) - You can purchase at the machine there (RM1.00 for each box)

3) 50 cents coins (OPTIONAL) - They provide a coin exchange machine there.

I decided to give it a try...not bad, the softener smell so nice!
(RM2 in total for the detergent+softener)

Before you start to do your laundry, you get to choose which washer machine and dryer machine that suits your needs. There are 3 options based on the load by weight; 9kg, 14kg, 25kg.

Since my load was quite big, I opt for the 14kg washer/dryer and I choose for warm washing. So the amount that I have to pay was RM7 for the washer and RM4 for the dryer (RM11 in total).

When you have choose which washing machine you want to use, you can start to load your washing machine with your dirty clothes and close the machine. For operating the washer, you can refer to the step-by-step poster which was posted on the wall. 

As soon as your washing machine started to operate, you can have a seat and wait for it to complete before transferring the load to the dryer for the next process. I choose to sit on the bench provided in the laundry shop and read my favourite story book to kill time. If I am not mistaken, it took about 30 minutes to complete the washing process.

I chose lucky no. 9 as my washing machine and lucky no.18 as my dryer :D

Next, I transferred my clean and wet clothes to the dryer above and set the dryer before starting to dry my clothes. Again, you may refer to the poster on the wall on how to set the setting for the dryer.

(Note no. 1# Don't set the dryer temperature to be so high, otherwise some of your clothing might shrunk)

(Note no.2# Don't leave your clothes in the dryer too long after it finished drying or else your clothes will start to crumple)

There is also a general guideline on washing and drying which I think is good to read before you proceed to do your laundry activity such as which item is suitable, etc...

Overall, it took me 54 minutes (30 minutes + 24 minutes) to complete my laundry and have my clean, dry clothes, yay! And it only cost me RM13 in total (RM11 for washer/dryer + RM2 for detergent/softener). Not bad, aite? Kalau hantar dobi, they measure per kg, have to take note of the clothes that we send in and have to wait at least 2 days to get the clothes back...berbaloi la jugak :)


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