Thursday, September 18, 2014

Twinnies 3rd Birthday Party

Same as last year, my twin daughters' birthday fell on during the month of Ramadhan this year. Because of this reason, I thought of postponing the celebration on the 1st Eid instead. (Glad we didn't, remember the chicken pox incident? huhu)

Instead, my husband insisted that we did it as an iftar birthday celebration close family few days before their birthday and it was seconded by my MIL, who offered to cook the main dishes for the iftar. Lama tak buka puasa sesama katanya... :) Since 7th July fell on Monday, we did the birthday iftar on Sunday, 6th of July (yes, I know it has been 2 months since and this is considered as super duper late entry! *tsk! >.<).

As usual, since I did not plan the birthday earlier, we only came up with the so-called theme on that Friday; which is: rainbow colors! I figured out it's the easiest theme for such a short duration...hassle free gitu! hihihi :D

Since both girls have a colorful tutu skirt each, we did not have to buy any birthday outfit. I just bought tiaras from Balloon Buzz as their accessories since twinnies currently love being "princesses". The evening before that Sunday, I went to Balloon Buzz to buy the "Happy Birthday" signage and some heart shaped balloons since twinnies love the shape so much (fasa girlie2 sangat dah masuk 3 tahun nie :P) for the simple deco.

Faaz and Faiqa were wide awake when I started to hang those deco and both of them got pretty excited. Faiqa especially kept on saying, "wow, lovely!" "good job,mommy" and few other words that made me kept on grinning. Hehehe, too cute!

They were wide awake even after midnite! :P

That Sunday morning was the busiest morning for me and hubs (semua last minute kan :P). We went for a quick grocery shopping, and went to book some additional food such as Murtabak Singapore and some kuihs. To blend in with the rainbow colors theme, I bought the Wondermilk Lola Cake in pastel colors (because the rainbow cake colors were too bright to match the twinnies tutus and the deco). Dah siap beli "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" candles in matching colors semua tetiba the girls requested for Frozen cake... T_T. Huwaaaaa!

After thinking, we decided to buy the frozen figurine set to add to the cake. Quite expensive (RM60 for a set and you can't buy it separately) but we had no choice. I then rushed back to Balloon Buzz to add some Frozen balloons to compliment the cake.

The pretty cakes and the additional deco... :P

Few hours before the iftar, I arranged the items and did the table settings. This includes arranging the gifts from us and the grandparents to the twins. Less did I knew that it get both of the girls excited. Faiqa especially, kept on asking to open her present...tak sabar2! It took me some patience to convince her to open her present later...heeeee. But it was fun to see how they looked forward for their birthday celebration. They kept on dancing and jumping near the deco and kept on peeping on their cake in the fridge. They knew less about birthday last year....

"Please mommy, can I open my present???"

The guests (husband's siblings and close relatives which stayed nearby) arrived by 7pm and we had our dinner iftar as soon as the Maghrib azan started. After we had our Maghrib prayers, the birthday celebration started... 

Falisya blew the candles off while Faiqa was ready to cut the cake instead...

The girls with Faaz (and the cousins at the back) were ready to cut the cake.

We had a family photo taken shortly after the cake cutting. 
A quick one because the girls were too eager to eat their cake!  Haha!

The crowd that night. Twinnies were lucky that Uncle Faris and Kakak Tasya were kind enough to entertained the crowd with their songs. Falisya even sang "Let It Go" song with them. Sporting adik malam tu :)

The best part that night was opening the gifts. Twinnies were so excited and were soooo into it. Each time they opened a present, they will screamed happily..suka sangat! Hahaha!

Macam-macam gaya ada... :D

Before the party ended...twinnies with some of their gifts. Sorang admiring the bracelet she got and the other smiled with satisfaction. Hihi. :)


To my lovely daughters, 

Faiqa Nayra & Falisya Nayla.

Happy 3 years old! 

Mommy and Daddy are so, so lucky to have you two both as our twinnies. To be able to witness and raise both of you from day 1 in the womb are wonderful and priceless experience. Alhamdulillah...

May both of you grow up healthy, wise, beautiful in & out and be good muslimah...aamin!

Mommy, Daddy & abang Faaz love both of you so much, munchkins!

p.s: Less arguing and fighting please...hehehe :P

The girls with their ponies, birthday present from your truly :)



Nuriesya Nadia said...

Alahaiii too cute to handle la kembar ni. Geram kita. :D

Marou Apple Hijau said...

wah seronoknya dapat banyak hadiah. selamat hari lahir

Mimy Hamid said...

comelnya twin pakai tutu....

ishamizu said...

Happy birthday Faiqa n Falisya..makin cute n pretty la both of you.. !! Kejap je dah 3 tahun.. Time really flies..:(

Anyway Aunty wish both of you all the best with many happy returns, dan berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat aamin..! ;)

I guess sume kids suka Frozen kan..kita pon suka sbb cute banget hihi. Bolehla twinnies geng dgn Kak Zahin n kak Iris ..:D

my.mastura said...

kebanyakan present tu Frozen dolls eh..mesti diorg tau yg kembar ko ni minat Frozen..hehhe