Friday, November 7, 2014

Food For Soul: The Power of Bismillah

Once, long, long ago, there lived a pious man who often spoke about Islam to the people. One day, he was speaking about Bismillah (In the Name of Allah). He told the people that they would get a lot of reward for reading Bismillah before doing anything. 

There was a non-Muslim girl in the crowd. She loved what she was hearing so much, that she became a Muslim. Now, she also had a very good habit. She would say Bismillah before doing anything. It so happened that her father; who was not a Muslim found out that she now believed in one Allah. Oh! You can just imagine how very upset he was! 

You see, he was the King’s Minister and was afraid that people wouldn’t be too happy when they heard about this. In utter despair, her father tried to get rid of her. He went up to his daughter and gave her a ring. Now, this ring was a stamp that was used to seal all the King’s letters. Her father told her to keep the ring until he asked for it. She said Bismillah, took it and put it into her pocket. Later that night her father crept into her room and stole the ring. You’d never believe what he did next! He threw it into a nearby river! He was a very cunning man and his plan was to see what the King would do to his daughter.

Early the next morning, a fisherman arrived at the Minister’s house. He had brought him some fish as a gift. The Minister thanked the fisherman and told his daughter to prepare the fish. So, she read Bismillah and began to clean the fish. Imagine how surprised she was when she saw a ring inside the fish. At supper time, she served the fish to her father. 

Afterwards, he asked her to bring the ring. What did this girl do? Why, of course, she read Bismillah and took it right out of her pocket. It just didn’t make any sense to him at all. He sat down with his head in his hands and told her what he had done with the ring. He anxiously asked her where she had found it. She replied that while preparing the meal, she had found it in the fish’s stomach. Mentioning The name of Allah in your life will protect you from the doings of the Shaitan.

-shared from @ponderingmuslim via instagram-



babYpose said...

in the name of Him, its a habit when a shocking event, o Alkah or ya Allah but for a sake doing my routine i tend to forget.

ishamizu said...

Masya Allah..Allahu Akbar..!
Thanks for sharing! :)