Monday, December 22, 2014


I've always like the idea of the reward system which has been introduced and practised by the Western society. I can see that this system has grown widely here in Malaysia too. To me, it is a fun and motivating system which can improves a child's behaviour and teach them how to take responsibility besides setting a focus on the positive things that your child do. 

But we are still staying with the parents, so it's a challenge for me to create a reward chart as we don't have a personal wall to stick it to begin with, and the kids (Faaz especially) is a bit pampered by the grandparents. But we are going to move out soon, I really I hope I can start to introduce this system to my children soon! *excited mode*

Speaking of reward system, Disney Junior has just launched a new website called; Disney Junior’s ‘Pirate and Princess: Power of Doing Good’ on 9th December 2014.

The Power of Doing Good campaign aims to introduce kids aged 2-7 to the idea and values of - caring for nature, animals, and helping others. This aim to empower preschoolers to participate in acts of service encouraged by parents and supported by the community.

I think this is a great campaign as Disney Junior is a well known kid's TV channel and it is proven that children are easily influenced by the characters or stories from their favourite cartoon shows! Besides that, this campaign is also supported by  WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), SPCA Singapore and Selangor, and Singapore Environment Council. This is a good start for children to learn from a young age to be aware and care for the environment, the animals and society. Isn't it great? :)

Two popular Disney Junior characters; Jake (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) and Sofia (from Sofia the First) will take the kids on a journey of personal empowerment through the ‘Power of doing good’ campaign through this website. As a parent, all we need to do is to log on to the website here , and register your child:

Next, all you have to do mommies/daddies is to download fun activity sheets from the websites, from 4 different themes offered - Community, Animals, Nature and Storytelling and start the activity with your child!

Online badges and certificate are simple rewards offered to encourage your child to complete all the activity sheets and learn the ethos of doing good. In addition to this, you can also reward your child with their favourite toy, book or even favourite food for each online badges or certificate they collected...just a suggestion, if I may :)

I have tried it and oh my, not only me but my 5 year old son also liked it and pretty excited to complete it all! With internet and Disney Junior website, who needs a wall to stick a reward chart. Hehe... :D

There's 13 more days to go before the 2015 school session starts. Why not fill it with the power of doing good activities with your child? Not only your child will get the reward, you and your child too, insya Allah (with God's will) will get the reward for the hereafter (the pahala), simply by doing good to yourself, community and nature :)

Have fun exploring ! 



babYpose said...

I saw this but didn't realize it that there are rewards, good campaign and could be fun.. Me and fadya miss Disney Junior because the brother's Fave channel now is Disney XD mmm.

Mama Haraz said...

Owh best! terlepas tapi :p I think children really do respond to rewards, sometimes tak yah bagi apa sangat pun. We tried the sticker thing and it has worked wonders :)
Adults are like children too, we work better when acknowledged and appreciated kan ;)