Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Complete Baby Room

Since the new office is located just next to the Sunway Resort, and we are all under Sunway Pyramid season parking, I've been exploring the mall more often as compared to before we shifted here. To begin with, I passed by this mall about 3 times per working day; when I go to work, when I went to lunch and when I go back home. Hihi :)

Well, will ladies ever bored with a shopping mall??? Naaaah, I don't think so! :P hihi...Currently me and my colleagues are exploring the food outlets here for lunch since they have loads of variety of food to choose for (more than 50 food outlets if I am not mistaken!). During Friday lunchtime, we also loves to check out the new opening stores and made some damaged to our purses without we realized :P

Last 14th February, Sunway Pyramid has officially opened their new baby room which is located at Orange Zone of LG1, next to Bonita (LG1.127) and I have the chance to check it out today :)

Since I became a mother, a mall with child friendly facilities especially the ones equipped with Baby Rooms are on top of my list. This is because I never wanted breastfeeding activity became a burden or a hurdle whenever I wanna go out for shopping. I am happy to see that nowadays most of the malls are equipped with one, at least as compared to before. However, so far, there are 3 malls that have the best-est Baby Room (in my humble opinion), and quickly they became my favorites :)

And this new baby room of Sunway Pyramid is one of them! 

Simply because....

Firstly, the room is quite cosy and neat. It's not too big, as it has two nursing rooms and two nappy changing tables, but the fact that Sunway Pyramid has 3 Baby Rooms in total, (another 2 are located at GF (Red Zone, beside Levi's store), and LG2 (Orange Zone, beside Takasima Platinum store)) it is sufficient enough to cater the crowd at one time :)

simple, and neat :)

The nursing room inside the Baby Room consist a shocking pink sofa, and a small coffee table, cosy enough to give the breastfeeding mommies some privacy while feeding their baby comfortably. They also played soothing music for nursing mommies. How nice.. :)

The diaper changing stations on the other hand is well equipped with a changing mat each, hand sanitizer, liquid cleanser and the best of all; diaper bags. How thoughtful! ;) Not only it's more hygenic, the usage of diaper bag is important to contain the smells of used diapers. I, myself carry my own diaper bags of Mothercare (they called it as Nappy Sack) inside my kid's baby bag, whenever we went out for outings.

A sink is located at the right side of the room and it is well equipped too, with liquid cleanser and baby wash; both are from Pigeon brand which is another plus point for this Baby Room.. Nursing mom friendly and bottle-fed friendly. Fair. :) 

Modern design sink

The Sakura Baby Wash scent is soo nice!

Last but not least, this baby room also came with hot water dispenser, making it one of the most complete Baby Room a shopping mall can offer. Well done, Sunway Pyramid ;)

Long weekend is coming really soon and I am sure many of us will go out for outings. If you are a mom with small children and if you are a nursing mom, don't forget to check out and make full use of this Baby Room if you happens to go shopping at Sunway Pyramid! Rugi tak guna tempat yg best camnie...hihi.


Happy CNY to all my Chinese readers. May you have a wonderful time spent with your loved ones...may this year be a prosperous year too! :)

To the rest, Happy holiday! Enjoy puas2 sebab lepas ni 2 bulan lebih takde long weekend with public holiday tau. Ahaks! :D


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rahmah omar said...

Thanks for sharing.. really appreciate it. Will be going to sunway pyramid this May with my 4 mo bby gurl. =)