Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Final Annual Dinner in the Office

**This is a backdated entry**

Before the office relocated to a new location, we had our last annual dinner in the Cyberjaya office. Since it was THE last party, the committees have put up a huge effort in transforming the office from a workplace into a ballroom. 

That Friday morning (the dinner started in the evening), many of us were shocked and amazed as the lift from the parking lot stopped and opened as it reached the ground floor...some of us did said, "are we in the wrong office??"....cause the office has begun transforming that morning itself...

The first view from the lift as you entered the ground floor...

The transformation of the ground floor on that Friday morning.
For the first time, the whole floor was "wrapped" (berkelubung).. :D

The theme for the annual dinner was "Bling bling Party" so I already foresee that everyone will be wearing anything with bling bling that night. As for me, I just mixed and matched anything related to bling bling from my closet so basically I did not spent any cent that night. 

I wore Jovian Mandagie sequin top with a metallic colored scarf; which both I wore during cousin Fouziah's wedding two years ago and paired it up with a pair of jeans (since the theme is party, to give it a casual look) and a bling bling heels that my hubby bought for me for cousin Nina's wedding :)

With my colleagues and their bling bling outfit ;)

The annual dinner started with the opening speech followed by the official launched of our Big Bash Party by our Country Manager... 

Shortly after that, the first performance started with "Michael Jackson" and a group of "robocop" singing and dancing to the superstar's hit songs.

The HR and Finance team also performed that night with a flash mob performance..

It was fun to see my colleagues showing off their hidden talent, and they looked so happy and enjoyed themselves on the dance floor.. nice! :)

But the highlight of the night for me is none other than winning my first ever lucky draw in my entire working life.....

and to make it sweeter, I won what I've been wishing for that night; the smart tv (thinking it would be a nice housewarming gift for our home)! Only Allah knows how I shivered I was when the announcer announced my lucky number as the 3rd grand prize lucky draw winner. Thank you Todd Ashton for picking up my number!! :)

Alhamdulillah, a nite to remember...definitely ;)


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