Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Little Sister's Wedding - Part II

After the solemnization was held on 21st March 2015, the wedding reception of my little sister was held on the very next day, 22nd March 2015 at Dewan Perdana Keramat Mall. The theme color was maroon, the bride's favorite color. 

Twinnies, before the event started. Ape ape pun, milk time first. 
LOL! :))

My mom assigned me as her assistant that day, to greet and meet the guest as well as giving out goodies at the end of the event. Most of the time,  I stood near the grand entrance and once a while, I met and chat with the guests so that they felt welcomed. I was busy with my tasks that I didn't get to snap a lot of photos during the event itself. Harapkan ihsan cousins je...hihi

Fr left: Me, Mak, Cik Bah (my late father's sister) and Cik Min (my late father's SIL)
We are the "penjaga pintu dewan" hehe :D

The event started the bride marching in the hall, followed by Do'a recitation from my beloved husband. I was in the midst of recording him in action when my phone battery drained out. sad! T_T

Kak Ngah and her entourages

Just before the Groom and his family marched into the hall, my aunts dragged me to be seated at the pelamin as the toll girl for my sister (according to Johorean traditional custom - Tol Pengantin). All I thought was I have to talk and persuade them to hand in the "big" angpau to me in order for the Groom to be seated next to the turned out that there was also a pantun session. Mak ai, berpeluh kejap akak nak jual-beli pantun! I was totally unprepared!! Lucky my Cik Lin was there to help me out...*phewww*

Before I got my big fat angpau..hehehe :D

Finally! hahaha!

Next, it was the "giving blessing"/member restu ceremony where the elderly such as grandfather/grandmother, father/mother, uncles/aunts, or siblings gave blessings to the newlyweds...I skipped this part as I was too busy greeting the guest who came at the peak hour...

Tok Mak and Mak gave the blessings to Kak Ngah & Tam

Since the theme color was maroon, we as the family members were required to wear traditional outfits in maroon color. My modern kurung was designed by yours truly and tailored by a local tailor in KL. I am satisfied with her service! Now I have a trusted tailor...wee! dah bolehla beli kain pasang lepas ni :)

The "old-lyweds"... LOL!

Weddings are always the place to get people connected from all over the places. Family, relatives, neighbours and close friends gather at one time. Blessed...

With my family that flew all the way from Brunei Darussalam. 
Thank you for coming! :)

With my family that came all the way from Singapore.
Thank you for coming! :)

With my family members from my mom and dad's side. 
Most of them came all the way from Johor and Negeri  Sembilan.
Thank you for being part of this event. Love all of you!

I was fortunate that my university-BFFs were able to come on that day too. Missed them so much! :)

With Dr. Azah and Teacher Inda..

With Fiza & Shah and the newlyweds. 
Please excused the twinnies...too bored of photography I guess :P

The wedding ended at about 5pm that day with photography session. One for the family album!!



A Girl Like You said...

Hi! sorry to bother u... but do u mind to share ur tailor? if u sudi, just drop by my blog or email me pun okay! :)

Nadine said...

Hi Fifa,

Tailor is from Bangunan Mara, KL - Butik Umairah.