Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Little Sister's Wedding - Part III

The following Saturday (28th March 2015), the wedding reception of the Groom's side was held at a banquet hall in Selayang. The theme color was purple.

Most of our relatives which lives far away has gone back to their hometown so it was just us, my grandmother, my uncle & family and my aunt & family who came that day..Sikit tak sikit, 3 tables jugakla :)

The ceremony started off by the "blessings" from the family members..

and followed by eating session. Nyums!!

Now that I was off-duty from the wedding task, I get to take more photos..hihi :P

The newlyweds at Meja Beradab...

We decided to wear pastel colors for this reception; the children in white English theme, together with le' hubs and yours truly in salmon pink. Finally I have the reason to wear this modern kurung which I bought quite sometime ago.. :D

my cheeky twinnies

my one and only little boy :)


With my one and only man :)

The reception ended after the cake-cutting ceremony. Finally, the wedding weekends has come to the end. 

To my sister Hidayah and her husband, Azwan,

Heartiest congratulations from Along. Welcome to the marriage life. Be patience, be understanding and continue to love each other. May you have a wonderful marriage till Jannah. 



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