Friday, November 27, 2015

Late Post: Twinnies 4th Birthday

Alhamdulillah, my twin girls turn 4 years old last 7th July 2015. This year, since their birthday fell on a working day and during the month of Ramadhan, we decided to have a small and simple celebration at the daycare and with our nucleus family.

Faiqa & Falisya were so cheerful on the morning of their special day so it was easy to get them ready for "school". They were excited to celebrate their birthdays with the friends at the daycare. First experience celebrating birthdays with friends actually! :)

They chose to wear the red dresses that morning

For them to celebrate at the daycare, I have ordered two sets of cakes from my dear friend Kak Shida from @tuttylecious. You can visit her IG page from this link. Dijamin sedap ok! ;) I purposely ordered these cakes to be cut into smaller pieces so that it's easy for the kids to take and eat.

Chocolate Brownies

Victoria Sandwich Cake

The aunties at the daycare decided to let the children have the cakes during tea-time, since it was Ramadhan and some of the kids were half-day fasting. Aunty Anne, the owner of the daycare sent me this photo of twinnies just before they and their friends enjoyed the cakes.. 

Dah mandi & tukar baju..hihi

That evening, me and my husband went back early than usual. We went to TGIF after breaking the fast and performed Maghrib prayer, to celebrate twinnies birthday.

Birthday girl looking at the menu..

After finished with our meals, I asked the waiter to take out the cupcakes which I brought secretly along to the restaurant to surprise the twins. They were excited, but quickly became shy as the waiters and the waitress gathered at our table. Faiqa refused to blow the candles (as usual), so it was Falisya alone blowing her birthday candles..

I managed to record the moments when the waiters/waitress sang the birthday song and asked them to blow the candles. The girls were too shy so they ended up not smiling at all. Instead they were staring the abangs and kakaks..LOL!

To my children, a birthday celebration won't be complete without balloons so we surprised them with the balloons (and presents of course!) at home. They were thrilled, and so did their big brother..hihi.

Alhamdulillah, 4 years has passed and I'm very thankful that both of you has grown well. May prayers for you my princesses are, for both of you to grow healthy, wise, beautiful in and out. Be a good daughter, and be a good Muslimah, ok sayang?



mama tisya said...

happy belated busday utk si kembar...sedap nmpk dessert tu

Fatimah Al-Attas said...

Aww sekejap je dah besar kan. Auntie tgk cakes and brownies nampak yummy sangat !