Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Muslimah Clothing: Now and Then

Muslimah fashion is making a huge comeback in the local fashion arena in Malaysia. It is no surprise at all, as for the past few years we can see a new trend making its very own way among our local fashion lovers, especially the Hijabista.

Those days, the Muslimah fashion was more straightforward and plain, mostly the fashion were surrounded by shapeless covering in sombre shades such as grey and black. It is much more different these days, where Muslim women have the choice to dress according to their religion with the hijab-friendly clothing. They have the freedom to express themselves in fashions that are creative without of course, compromising the modesty. It's so much fun! :)

In fact, it is not that difficult to mix them all and dress fashionably like others – but of course you must adhere to the basic guidelines of how to dress modestly like a true Muslim woman. There are so many ways to adopt a little creativity without even to have crossed the line. You just need to know there are plenty of simple and workable Muslimah clothing fashion tips that do not have to cost much either! 

Just google them on the internet and in between, you might stumble on some online Muslimah boutiques along the way. For someone who loves online shopping for clothing, I have my own list of favorite boutiques online (Zalia and Dreamyza to name a few!) and for me, the best Muslimah online boutique in Malaysia should have these two popular Muslimah clothing must-have:

i) Hijab

Hijab is one of the basic essentials for modern hijabista. Pair it with your favourite Muslimah wear like baju kurung moden with a pair of trendy heels and a designer bag to look stunning all day long! If those days we have limited choices of hijab to choose from, these days we have inner hijab, square hijab, rectangle hijab that you can style it in different ways or simply the instant hijab to choose for.

ii) Baju Kurung Moden

Another Muslimah clothing piece you must get is the baju kurung moden. The latest collection of baju kurung online comes in a wide variety of designs, colours, sizes and pattern and yet, still fall into the modesty category. The best part is, the modern baju kurung these days can be mixed and matched with skirts or pants for a more casual look. How awesome is that? ;)