Saturday, August 13, 2016

Penang; Revisited.

Penang Island and us are no stranger at all. Since I got married 7 years ago, we will go to Penang at least once a year because it's a routine for my husband's family to go there for it's beaches and food *drools* 

In April this year, we planned to join my in-laws whom were having a week holiday in the Island for the weekend (Friday to Sunday). We booked the hotel, we packed the luggage and we applied for 1 day leave. However, something came up with the project I was involved in on that Thursday and I had to work over that weekend. I felt very bad to cancel the trip, especially since my children were already looked forward for it :( After discussing the matters with dear husband, I agreed to carry on with our plan, and bring my "work" together with me. The deal was, I will be staying at the hotel during the monitoring hours and will join the family once working hours were over.

Alhamdulillah, traffic was smooth and weather was pretty good. We arrived in Penang in 3 1/2hours. We decided to use the second bridge (Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah bridge) to cross over to the Island. Saja let the kids experience the longer bridge, to see the views...less that we knew that halfway through the journey, the three Fs were already in deep sleep. LOL! Jadi mommy and daddy je la fefeling berdua...haha :D

We arrived at the Island in the afternoon so we went straight to the hotel for check-in. This time, we stayed at Flamingo By The Beach at Tanjung Bungah. After checking in and sending out my KPI reports that noon, we went out for late lunch. Banana leaf lunch it was! nyums!

After the meal, we went back to the hotel where the kids enjoyed themselves at the pool (as usual) while I con't to do my work at the pool side (thank God for the good wifi).

My habibi, monitoring the kids while I secretly took this photo in between my work. haha!

The sunset, captured from our room #majorlove

The hotel view, at night

My gems, after a nice shower and ready to go out for din din

That night, we went out to the town for dinner. Our Penang trip would not complete without our favourite meal ;  Kapitan's Claypot Briyani. I can have two of this on my own! Siapa tak pernah try please go, it is situated at Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown

Mine, all mine..! haha

The following day, we had the breakfast buffet in the hotel itself, before accompanying the kids to swim at the pool.

Daddy and his Jr.

The view from my place.. noticed the parasailing activity captured here? :)

That afternoon, we went to Georgetwon again for more nyummylicious Penang food. This time we went to Hameediyah. No photos were captured as my mobile phone's battery went kaput. Hihi. 

The kiddos decided to pay a visit the playground as we came back to the hotel after the meal. We spent an hour there before the twins demanding to visit the beach.

Instead of following Faaz and their daddy, twinnies decided to stay at the edge of the shores and played there instead. Not sure why, but they were not keen to be in the salt water and decided to play with the waves instead. Later on, they made a friend with an expat kid, about the same age as them (but way bigger in size LOL!). Together, they played with the waves with Sarah :)

They called it a day after continue to swim at the pool, the common activity that kids love when they go for a holiday...That night, all 3 pengsan awal. Yay for mommy and daddy..! haha :D

The next day, it was then the time for us to bid farewell to this Island. It was short but definitely sweet trip, just enough to get us rejuvenated before we went back to KL.

Goodbye Penang, till next time! :)


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dream Big, Princess!

Every girl has a dream of becoming a princess. Beautiful, poise, full of kindness and courage..what a perfect young lady :) and when it comes to the word "princess", it is always linked to Disney Princess. :)

My all time favorite Disney princess would be Cinderella; the gentle, kind and hard-working princess. She isn't born a princess, but ended up being a princess. Cinderella inspires me to dream big, and dreams do come true, with goals and determination and effort. :) As for my twin girls, Faiqa loves Merida and Repunzel while Falisya adores Snow White the most.

Speaking of dreams, last May 24th, Disney Malaysia has launched “Dream Big, Princess”, a global movement that encourages girls everywhere to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams with courage, determination and compassion. This 3 year campaign highlights the aspirational qualities of each Disney Princess and seeks to connect them with today’s girl. 

Check out this inspiring and cool video, especially for every girl who dream big. Girl power! :)


In regards with this campaign, in Southeast Asia, Disney Channel has selected four talented girls who embody these unique qualities and from Malaysia, 13-year-old water ski champion Aaliyah Hanifah will share her story of passion and perseverance, and how her favorite Disney Princess Ariel (from “The Little Mermaid”) inspired her to Dream Big in an on-air feature which will debut on Disney Channel from 8 June.

Kids in Southeast Asia can also take inspiration from their favorite Disney Princesses through Disney Channel’s “Create a Dream” contest. From 1 to 30 June, they can log on to to create a ‘Dream Meme’, a creative expression of their biggest aspirations using Disney Princess-inspired images, fonts and icons. All Dream Memes will then be curated into the online Dream Wall.  The most creative and inspirational memes stand to win the complete collection of Disney Princess dolls by Hasbro each week, as well as the Grand Prize -- a magical holiday in Germany for a family of four, which includes guided tours and a stay in a fairytale castle. Awww, how wonderful it is! So mommies, do ask your little girl to participate right away, ok? :)

I got my girls to join the contest too and these are what their outcome (of course I gotta help them with the typing since they are too small hihi):

Consumers can also find the full range of Disney Princess dolls by Hasbro in all major department stores in Malaysia. And on 25 June, audiences can tune in to Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615) at 9am to see Rapunzel’s dream come to life in the movie Tangled. 



Monday, February 15, 2016

Atmosphere360 - Revolving Restaurant @ KL Tower

In June last year (2015), we celebrated by FIL's birthday at Atmosphere360, at KL Tower. For those who didn't know, Atmosphere360 is a revolving restaurant which is located 282m above ground.

This restaurant offers lunch buffet, afternoon tea, hi tea and dinner buffet. Since we have been to KL Tower for sight-seeing previously (during daytime), we decided to dine in at night in the restaurant this time. For lunch/dinner buffet, this restaurant offers two sessions:

Lunch Buffet:

Afternoon Tea:

Hi Tea:

Dinner Buffet:

We opt for the latter session, for an ease for praying and travelling from SJ.

Twinnies were so happy and ready that evening, before we went to my in-law's place for Maghrib prayer.

The view of KL tower from the parking lot that night. Subhanallah, it's beautiful! :)

We arrived early for the 9pm session so we get to go to the observation deck first. If the first time we went there we got to view the KL panoramic view in daytime, this time we were mesmerized the magnificent view of KL city at night.

Falisya being cheeky..


while Faiqa enjoyed posing with the nice view... :)

Yours truly, I chose to be simple that night :)

Hubby made a reservation prior to this birthday dinner and the 7 of us were seated at a nice spot overlooking the KLCC tower. Actually, all seating place will have the same view eventually since the restaurant is constantly revolving 360 degrees..hihi.

Our table's view. Love!

Daddy and his little girl..

There were quite a variety of food to choose from for this dinner buffet and it's a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Western food. My favourite? None other than the fresh seafood & BBQ food..hihi.

Twinnies enjoyed their dessert the most! :D

Since we already mentioned in the reservation that we were celebrating papa's birthday, the restaurant had surprised him with a birthday cake while the live band sang the "Happy Birthday" song to him. :)

Happy Birthday, Pa! :)

Twinnies manja with their Nana :)

while Faaz "took care" of the birthday cake. haha!

Me and my other half; thank you for the lovely dinner Sayang! *love*

Overall, we have a lovely dinner that night. For those who wants a serene and special place to dine in, with equally good food and privacy..I recommend this restaurant. A bit on the high side in terms of pricing but it won't hurt to spend once a while, especially for an occasion. :) 

Us; 16062015.