Monday, February 15, 2016

Atmosphere360 - Revolving Restaurant @ KL Tower

In June last year (2015), we celebrated by FIL's birthday at Atmosphere360, at KL Tower. For those who didn't know, Atmosphere360 is a revolving restaurant which is located 282m above ground.

This restaurant offers lunch buffet, afternoon tea, hi tea and dinner buffet. Since we have been to KL Tower for sight-seeing previously (during daytime), we decided to dine in at night in the restaurant this time. For lunch/dinner buffet, this restaurant offers two sessions:

Lunch Buffet:

Afternoon Tea:

Hi Tea:

Dinner Buffet:

We opt for the latter session, for an ease for praying and travelling from SJ.

Twinnies were so happy and ready that evening, before we went to my in-law's place for Maghrib prayer.

The view of KL tower from the parking lot that night. Subhanallah, it's beautiful! :)

We arrived early for the 9pm session so we get to go to the observation deck first. If the first time we went there we got to view the KL panoramic view in daytime, this time we were mesmerized the magnificent view of KL city at night.

Falisya being cheeky..


while Faiqa enjoyed posing with the nice view... :)

Yours truly, I chose to be simple that night :)

Hubby made a reservation prior to this birthday dinner and the 7 of us were seated at a nice spot overlooking the KLCC tower. Actually, all seating place will have the same view eventually since the restaurant is constantly revolving 360 degrees..hihi.

Our table's view. Love!

Daddy and his little girl..

There were quite a variety of food to choose from for this dinner buffet and it's a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Western food. My favourite? None other than the fresh seafood & BBQ food..hihi.

Twinnies enjoyed their dessert the most! :D

Since we already mentioned in the reservation that we were celebrating papa's birthday, the restaurant had surprised him with a birthday cake while the live band sang the "Happy Birthday" song to him. :)

Happy Birthday, Pa! :)

Twinnies manja with their Nana :)

while Faaz "took care" of the birthday cake. haha!

Me and my other half; thank you for the lovely dinner Sayang! *love*

Overall, we have a lovely dinner that night. For those who wants a serene and special place to dine in, with equally good food and privacy..I recommend this restaurant. A bit on the high side in terms of pricing but it won't hurt to spend once a while, especially for an occasion. :) 

Us; 16062015.


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