Monday, January 30, 2017

Fun Day @ Funtopia Courtyard

My children loves to climb. To name a few, the monkey bar or the indoor/ outdoor climbing walls are among their favorites. Even the door grill always be the "victim" whenever they need to unleash the adrenaline..  :|

One of the example :P

Well, I guess none of them are achrophobia (afraid of heights), just like their mommy (me!). Hihi. I'm a certified communication tower climber, and I used to climb communication towers in East Coast of Malaysia when I first started working as an RF engineer 13 years back. Despite the hot sun and the sweat, it was fun. Arghhh, I do missed the moments.. :)

During my 4 weeks off last December, I found out that Groupon (they are now moving to Fave, by the way) had a promotion for school holiday for the entry pass to Funtopia Courtyard. Since it was a good deal (you need to find a good deal when you have 3 or more children, mommies..huhu), plus the place is in Subang Jaya, which is our home area, I quickly grabbed the offer. It was RM40 for entry of 4 (RM10 each) for all attractions. I glad I did. It was an awesome experience for the kids and as a mom, I was amazed of what my children are capable of! 


The three FN were so ready to kick start and have fun!

While I was registering the kids, they were being escorted inside where they have to watch a short clip about Funtopia and its safety briefing. Once settled, kids were helped to wear harnesses and helmets.

My children started off with Jungle ropes activity:
(requirements – 54 inches tall/ 137cm, closed toe shoes)

Jungle ropes consist of 4 challenges which challenging flexibility, balance and physical strength. Rope courses offer a wide range of difficulty levels appropriate for ages 5 and up.

Firstly, they have to climb up to the first checkpoint, to cross to the next checkpoint they have to go through the rope/hanging bridge..

Abang did it with style...

and below clip shows how my youngest child, Falisya Nayla did it. At first, I was a bit skeptical as she looked nervous. As compared to her twin sister Faiqa who is fearless, Falisya seems to be a bit reserved when it comes to height. Well, I think I had underestimated her, Falisya actually did it like a champ! I just love the fact that she had pushed her limits with determination.

Faiqa also did well, however she was shivering at first as she couldn't handled the cold temperature at Funtopia. Even I at times shivered, so I would like to suggest to mommies who are keen to bring their child here, please bring your kids' sweater just in case. It was so sweet of Faiqa's instructor to lend her over-sized sweater to Faiqa..

Since Faaz and Falisya were the first two to arrive at the checkpoint, they got to do the second activity together. It may look simple, but it actually required a lot of energy to pull the string and at the same time to keep the balance between themselves.

From the 2nd checkpoint, the kids have to cross the plank bridge, where it requires the flexibility and balancing. The 4th activity in Jungle Rope is crossing the checkpoint via the hanging ropes. This activity requires physical strength via the hands. 

Faaz started the 3rd activity while Falisya waited for her turn. At the background, Faiqa was crossing towards the checkpoint with her instructor.

Upon completion, and while waiting for Faiqa. Well done, kiddos!!

Next, Faaz, Falisya (and later) Faiqa went to the next section, the Fun Climb (requirements – minimum 20 kilograms of weight, closed toe shoes)

Here, the kids get to enjoy the Fun Walls; which consist of interactive climbing walls that engage both children and adults in the fun of climbing. Did you know that climbing develops a sense of balance, precision and courage, but the best part of it is that it comes naturally to everyone.

The spider web :Panjatlah puas-puas ye anak-anak, 10x pun takpe, mommy tak marah..LOL!

The tall ladder : Falisya in action

The hanging ropes + blocks 

The Funtopia Alphabet Climber

Love to see how Faiqa naturally climb all the way up without hesitation and later on sliding down to the bottom smoothly. Awesome!

The highlight at Fun Climb would be the giant slide where the kids were required to wear a huge jumpsuit, been hanging to the top of the slide and slided down as they letgo their hands from the holder. Cool sangat! The kids naik berkali2..haha!

Getting ready for the fun..

Ready to be slide up first..

My girl in action. Syiok wei! :D

For mommies with small kids with height and weight below the minimum requirement for both activities above, then Magic Maze section is the place for your child. (requirements - 1-8 years of age, socks required).

Here, the Funtopia soft play area is primarily for toddlers or children ages up to 8. Get lost in the obstacle area, jam out in the ball jam room. You can explore, tackle the obstacles, slide down a level or find your way around the maze.

So if you are interested and keen to bring your child, below are the details for your reference. Funtopia Courtyard is situated at Courtyard Mall, Jalan SS15/4G, SS15 Subang Jaya (Besides Donutes Restaurant, nearby the SS15 LRT station)

and the opening hours is between 10:00am to 10:00pm daily! (note: Weekdays usually has cheaper rate as compared to Weekends). Beginning 14th Jan 2017, the new entry price to Funtopia are as below:

For more info, you may want to check their official website here.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

To My Husband, With Love

To  My Husband, 

Mohd. Fadzil Bin A.Kadir

With Love,

(img via FB)

Sila pakai!! :P



Friday, January 27, 2017

Another Year Wiser

Is it? :P 


Me, 04.01.2017 10:20am

Alhamdulillah, last 4th January I turned a year older. As usual, when the clock hit 12:00am at midnight, husband came and hugged me from behind; with the birthday wish. Just as I was about to feel the "oh so sweeeeet" and started to feel lovey-dovey, hati berbunga-bunga....

Husband: "Sayang, today is 4th of January, kan?"
Me         : "Yup...soo???"
Husband: "Well, you have another 4 years to go before you turn 40!"
Me         : KRIK...KRIK...



Sabar je la, kan! Good thing we've been married for 9 years now. I am soooo immune to his jokes :D

Anyway, after sending the kids to school we went to our usual place for breakfast. Husband asked if I want to go to The Coffee Club for big breakfast but I was so sleepy, so at last we settled at Serambi Melayu Restaurant, near our house instead.

He loves tea, while I love coffee, different but complement each other :)

We went home afterwards to get some rest before husband asked me to get ready. It was then I realized the notes Faaz left in my handbag this morning before he went to school...

awww... so sweet! :)

Moments before we went out, posing with my birthday gift from husband (can't believe I finally wear a "snake skin" )

So we went out to KL for sight seeing and he treated me lunch at Dolly Dim Sum. Finally, yay! :) True as what been said by many, food here are scrumptious and equally good. I'll blog about it in my next entry in details. Nyums!

The best thing on that day was the overflowing messages, whatsapp messages, facebook wishes and IG wishes from my thoughtful and wonderful family & friends. Each and everyone of you did make my day special *hugs!*. Among all wishes, this one made me smile the whole day... a special wish from my ex-primary school classmates, who is now a very well known Ustaz (I'm so pround of him). 

ustaz pun pandai berpunchline, u olls! Jeles kengkawan I LOL! :))

That night, my parents in-laws dropped by our house and later all of us went to my biras (brother in laws' wife) house. Mama bought a cake for both of us (my biras birthday is a day after me), so we had a simple cake cutting at her house...

My thoughtful parents in laws also bought us presents. This year, I got a very nice blouse, (which is matching with my husband's) and this...

an oven!

Alhamdulillah, been craving for this since we moved out 2 years ago. Thank you pa, ma *hugs*

It was indeed another special birthday to be remembered and shared. As the saying said,

"Let us never know what old age is.
 Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years"



Monday, January 2, 2017

Tomorrow is The Day!

So the day that most of us has waiting for has come.. 

the first day of school

Last year, it fell on my birthday where I got to celebrate with Faaz's big day - first day of his primary school. This year, 3rd January 2017 is the date :)

Right now, we are pretty much settled with everything. What's left is to prepare for the children's food pack tomorrow morning, insyaAllah. The hardest part for me was the ironing part. LOL! 5x3 shirts and pants (and headscarves!) *lap peluh*. It took me days to 'get in the mood' if you know what I'm talking and finally when it came, husband has done it for me...awwww! what's left for me was the school badge & name tag. Hihi.

#mestidiabosantunggu #goodtacticnadine! :P

This year, we have a moderate going-back-to-school preparation since Faaz has moved to Standard 2 while the twinnies are still with LC; in their final year of kindergarten. We only added 1-2 new clothes for the children, while Faaz still have a lot of underutilized exercise book from last year so we only top up with a few. Same goes with stationary, we have A LOT of stocks at home (since Faaz tend to lose something everyday for the first month of his standard one..haha!) so we don't need to spend much. As for the school bags/the water bottles/lunch packs, all are still in good condition, but the grand parents prefers to spoil them. Well, that's what grand parents are good at, kan?..hihi. Thanks, gramps! :)

Next year going to be interesting, tho... 

Have to start saving those green and orange notes as what my FB feeds has been suggesting these few days. May the force be with me (and my hubs)!!



Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!


Hello dear readers (not sure if I still have any, LOL!), Happy New Year! :) Finally, I managed to resurface again today and it feels great. Truth is, I missed blogging so much but working in the industry, especially in project basis made it so hard to find time. 

Basically, for the past six months I've been struggling to  manage my 24 hours daily, with most of the time I only slept about 3-4 hours per day which was totally not good for the health *sigh*. I also missed few important events in my children's school life this year as I have to fly off last minute to attend meetings & review sessions with customer. Only Allah knows how I felt deep inside. Thank God for the support system that I have; dearest husband, my in laws and also mia familia - only Allah SWT who can repay your kindness and understanding *hugs* :)

Alhamdulillah, I managed to collect an amount of un-utilized annual leave in 2016 so in beginning of December, I started my 4 weeks leave which I have waited like, urm forever! You have no idea how hard I have to fight for this leave, lucky my Greece Project Manager was totally cool about it despite us being in the "cat-dog" fight most of the time..hahaha! Suka naw dia kacau kita *rolled eyes*. So far 3 weeks have been fully utilized with quality times with my spouse (how nice of my MIL to give us 1 week off without the kids as our 9 years anniversary gift), with my children + hubby (as he also took a straight 2 weeks off yay!) and of course with family of both sides..alhamdulillah! And now came the 4th week of my leave where school will be starting again in 2 days time. It's time for waking up very early in the morning again for us; the parents. Gonna be interesting heee :D Not so much missing the project I involved in, but I miss the technical work that I've been doing (I love being a radio network engineer :). But not keen to shorten my leave, of course. You guys in B** project just have to wait for the Queen to make a comeback to the office ya.. :P

I hope I will still be able to steal some time to blog again this year (part of my 2017 resolution tau!). InsyaAllah, if Allah permit. Reflecting of year 2016, it taught me that life is too short, so the keyword is balance. To give, and take; might lose here, but gained somewhere :). The first thing to do is to value yourself-take care of your health and managed your stress. Happy and well you, makes your surrounding happier and healthier, insyaAllah. :) It's hard, but will try my best for this year. Doakan ye?

So here's me on 1.1.2017 for those who missed me. For the record, I have gained almost 2kg in 3 weeks holidaying from work (and I lost 2kg in my first 2 weeks of joining the ever stressful project last June). Full proof that I'm really happy here, haha! :)

Till the fingers meet the keyboard again (still not use to mobile blogging #imoldfashionedlikethat :P).