Friday, January 27, 2017

Another Year Wiser

Is it? :P 


Me, 04.01.2017 10:20am

Alhamdulillah, last 4th January I turned a year older. As usual, when the clock hit 12:00am at midnight, husband came and hugged me from behind; with the birthday wish. Just as I was about to feel the "oh so sweeeeet" and started to feel lovey-dovey, hati berbunga-bunga....

Husband: "Sayang, today is 4th of January, kan?"
Me         : "Yup...soo???"
Husband: "Well, you have another 4 years to go before you turn 40!"
Me         : KRIK...KRIK...



Sabar je la, kan! Good thing we've been married for 9 years now. I am soooo immune to his jokes :D

Anyway, after sending the kids to school we went to our usual place for breakfast. Husband asked if I want to go to The Coffee Club for big breakfast but I was so sleepy, so at last we settled at Serambi Melayu Restaurant, near our house instead.

He loves tea, while I love coffee, different but complement each other :)

We went home afterwards to get some rest before husband asked me to get ready. It was then I realized the notes Faaz left in my handbag this morning before he went to school...

awww... so sweet! :)

Moments before we went out, posing with my birthday gift from husband (can't believe I finally wear a "snake skin" )

So we went out to KL for sight seeing and he treated me lunch at Dolly Dim Sum. Finally, yay! :) True as what been said by many, food here are scrumptious and equally good. I'll blog about it in my next entry in details. Nyums!

The best thing on that day was the overflowing messages, whatsapp messages, facebook wishes and IG wishes from my thoughtful and wonderful family & friends. Each and everyone of you did make my day special *hugs!*. Among all wishes, this one made me smile the whole day... a special wish from my ex-primary school classmates, who is now a very well known Ustaz (I'm so pround of him). 

ustaz pun pandai berpunchline, u olls! Jeles kengkawan I LOL! :))

That night, my parents in-laws dropped by our house and later all of us went to my biras (brother in laws' wife) house. Mama bought a cake for both of us (my biras birthday is a day after me), so we had a simple cake cutting at her house...

My thoughtful parents in laws also bought us presents. This year, I got a very nice blouse, (which is matching with my husband's) and this...

an oven!

Alhamdulillah, been craving for this since we moved out 2 years ago. Thank you pa, ma *hugs*

It was indeed another special birthday to be remembered and shared. As the saying said,

"Let us never know what old age is.
 Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years"



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