Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!


Hello dear readers (not sure if I still have any, LOL!), Happy New Year! :) Finally, I managed to resurface again today and it feels great. Truth is, I missed blogging so much but working in the industry, especially in project basis made it so hard to find time. 

Basically, for the past six months I've been struggling to  manage my 24 hours daily, with most of the time I only slept about 3-4 hours per day which was totally not good for the health *sigh*. I also missed few important events in my children's school life this year as I have to fly off last minute to attend meetings & review sessions with customer. Only Allah knows how I felt deep inside. Thank God for the support system that I have; dearest husband, my in laws and also mia familia - only Allah SWT who can repay your kindness and understanding *hugs* :)

Alhamdulillah, I managed to collect an amount of un-utilized annual leave in 2016 so in beginning of December, I started my 4 weeks leave which I have waited like, urm forever! You have no idea how hard I have to fight for this leave, lucky my Greece Project Manager was totally cool about it despite us being in the "cat-dog" fight most of the time..hahaha! Suka naw dia kacau kita *rolled eyes*. So far 3 weeks have been fully utilized with quality times with my spouse (how nice of my MIL to give us 1 week off without the kids as our 9 years anniversary gift), with my children + hubby (as he also took a straight 2 weeks off yay!) and of course with family of both sides..alhamdulillah! And now came the 4th week of my leave where school will be starting again in 2 days time. It's time for waking up very early in the morning again for us; the parents. Gonna be interesting heee :D Not so much missing the project I involved in, but I miss the technical work that I've been doing (I love being a radio network engineer :). But not keen to shorten my leave, of course. You guys in B** project just have to wait for the Queen to make a comeback to the office ya.. :P

I hope I will still be able to steal some time to blog again this year (part of my 2017 resolution tau!). InsyaAllah, if Allah permit. Reflecting of year 2016, it taught me that life is too short, so the keyword is balance. To give, and take; might lose here, but gained somewhere :). The first thing to do is to value yourself-take care of your health and managed your stress. Happy and well you, makes your surrounding happier and healthier, insyaAllah. :) It's hard, but will try my best for this year. Doakan ye?

So here's me on 1.1.2017 for those who missed me. For the record, I have gained almost 2kg in 3 weeks holidaying from work (and I lost 2kg in my first 2 weeks of joining the ever stressful project last June). Full proof that I'm really happy here, haha! :)

Till the fingers meet the keyboard again (still not use to mobile blogging #imoldfashionedlikethat :P).




Shah Sulong said...

happy new year Nadia!!

may Allah ease your challenges in the future =)

mama tisya said...

happy new year..maintain slim gtu

Nadine said...

Happy 2017, dearest Shidah! Aamiin ya Rabbal Alamin. May u have a wonderful year in 2017 :)

Nadine said...

Happy New Year, Amy!

Hihi awak pun ape kurangnya :) thanks for dropping by. Will blogwalking soon, insyaallah. Rindu nak baca blog orangs :)