Monday, January 2, 2017

Tomorrow is The Day!

So the day that most of us has waiting for has come.. 

the first day of school

Last year, it fell on my birthday where I got to celebrate with Faaz's big day - first day of his primary school. This year, 3rd January 2017 is the date :)

Right now, we are pretty much settled with everything. What's left is to prepare for the children's food pack tomorrow morning, insyaAllah. The hardest part for me was the ironing part. LOL! 5x3 shirts and pants (and headscarves!) *lap peluh*. It took me days to 'get in the mood' if you know what I'm talking and finally when it came, husband has done it for me...awwww! what's left for me was the school badge & name tag. Hihi.

#mestidiabosantunggu #goodtacticnadine! :P

This year, we have a moderate going-back-to-school preparation since Faaz has moved to Standard 2 while the twinnies are still with LC; in their final year of kindergarten. We only added 1-2 new clothes for the children, while Faaz still have a lot of underutilized exercise book from last year so we only top up with a few. Same goes with stationary, we have A LOT of stocks at home (since Faaz tend to lose something everyday for the first month of his standard one..haha!) so we don't need to spend much. As for the school bags/the water bottles/lunch packs, all are still in good condition, but the grand parents prefers to spoil them. Well, that's what grand parents are good at, kan?..hihi. Thanks, gramps! :)

Next year going to be interesting, tho... 

Have to start saving those green and orange notes as what my FB feeds has been suggesting these few days. May the force be with me (and my hubs)!!



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meriah wall fb arini tgk gmbr kwn2 share ank2 back to school