Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Grow Amazing - It's All About The Brain

Being the generation Alpha, our children nowadays lived in a fast-paced world, where formal education starts earlier and technology move faster. This, for sure increase competitiveness in all aspects among these little beings, direct or indirectly. As parents, we too always wants the best for our child so that they grow up to become among the best.

As a mother, I believed besides the physical growth, a healthy and strong brain development is also crucial for my growing up children. In order to achieve this, I always ensure that my children get as much nutrients they can get through food and beverages. Alhamdulillah, my twinnies loves to consume milk (fresh or formulated milk) although they are approaching 6 years old now. They are are also "craaaaizy" about fruits! Almost all types of fruits are their favorites :)

Speaking of strong brain development, Anmum Essential recently has launched the "Grow Amazing" , an initiative to educate parents about brain development. Anmum Essential is formulated with DHA and Nuelipid for higher levels of Gangliosides (GA) and it contains no added sugar. 

For info, DHA and GA are found in the brain and play an important role in brain development. DHA helps to build brain cells and GA help to support the formation of brain cell connections. Rapid brain growth during the first three years of life is important and could affect a child's cognitive, social and emotional growth and development.

In addition, Anmum Essential also contains friendly prebiotics FOS and Inulin, together with other important vitamins and minerals to suport children overall growth. 

This initiative has given another variety for parents to choose the best combination to boost their child's growth process. Hopefully with the balanced diet and a healthy environment, our children will grow up with healthy brain as well as healthy physical growth which, would help them to survive in this accelerating change of world of ours.


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