Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nadine Little Garden

Gardening has been my passion since we moved in to our own house few years ago. I've started a mini garden at the backyard previously but often it's being vandalized either by stray cats, snails (i hate them the most!) and bugs.

I've tried to re-plant 5- 6 times afterwards and tried hard to maintain the mini garden but it was tiring and sometimes, frustrating. Also, I was caught in one of the toughest project (work-wise) for 1.5 years which I spent sleepless night and weekends at the office that I don't have time at all to maintain the garden.

So at last, I decided to plant the easiest plants at the backyard and started micro-planting few plants in the small pots and see first if I managed to grow them well before transporting it to bigger pots or on the ground. FYI, I love to grow plants from scratch i.e from the seeds instead of  "anak pokok" as it trains me to be patience, to be perseverance  and appreciative. The satisfaction of successfully harvesting the flowers/leaves/fruits from these plants are priceless!!

Just like what I am currently feeling about our lettuce plants; the latest edition of my little garden. Falisya helped me to plants the seeds last December, and now we already started to harvest the 2nd batch of the lettuce leaves. #majorlove

The butterfly blue-pea plants at the backyard also started to bloom it's flowers, about 15-20 per day. It was lovely, and a friend even told me it looks like the secret flower garden of Wakanda (if you watched Black Panther, you'll understand :D). I took the opportunity to dried it and keep it in a container so that I can use it as tea/juice/food coloring :)


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