Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[Recipe] : Daging Goreng Berlado - Fried Chili Beef


- Beef Sirloin, thinly sliced.
- Turmeric powder
- Salt

(Marinate the beef slices with turmeric powder and salt. Set aside).

- 3-4 red chili
- 3cloves of garlic
- 3-4 shallots
- 1 tb spoon of calamansi juice (limau kasturi) 
- salt
- cooking oil

Method : 

Heat the oil and stir fry the marinated beef slices until crispy. Set aside.
Red chili, garlic, and shallots are mashed (tumbuk kasar) to make a sambal paste. Avoid to blend as the texture and taste wont be the same. 

In a pan, heat the oil, fry the sambal paste. Add in salt and calamansi juice. Once the chili is crispy add in the beef. Stir a little bit and it's ready to be served!


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