Monday, April 2, 2018

Penang 2018 - Part 3 , Straits Quay & Ali Capati Corner

After freshen up, we got ready and went to Straits Quay It's our third visit here, and we never had enough of the beautiful scenery of the marina. 

Pretty scenery...just reminded me of the series "Revenge" on Netflix..

We had a seafood lunch in the mall by the marina and overlooking the marina, and the beautiful yachts.

After lunch, we decided to stroll along the marina, enjoying the cooling sea breeze while sight-seeing. Love, love, love the shades of blue..!

My heart and soul...!

In the evening, we decided to go to Little India for some warm, crispy chapatti..nyums! We also planned to meet up with my in-laws, (who just arrived and stayed in town) and to meet up with husband's Swiss uncle and aunts who are in Malaysia for their annual vacation.

Early dinner for us!

If you love fresh capati and roti jala served with various types of curries and kurma, then Ali Capati Corner is the must visit place, ok. It's the best capati in Penang, claimed by many.

My favorite would be their chapati, eaten with their thick chicken curry.  I had two of those, nyums!  I also tried their roti jala, it's sedap as well :)

After capati, we headed to the famous Penang Teochew Cendol of Penang Road. But instead of the original stall located at Penang Road (near Chowrasta Market), we went to their restaurant franchise instead, in Gurney Plaza since my husband wanted to do a bit of shopping there.

To be continued...


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