Thursday, September 5, 2019

Just because... I miss you!

Assalamualaikum (May Peace Be Upon You).

Hi all,

Here I am, finally writing again after a year on pause (and I just realized that I didn't even finished the last post of our Penang holiday in 2018, LOL! πŸ˜†). It feels.... surreal 😊

My recent photo - 31st August 2019 
@ on 62nd Malaysia Independence Day

I am not sure if anyone ever read or drop by this blog anymore but out of the blue these fingers feels like typing again. Oh, how I miss writing, and I miss blogging, much 😘~.

Well, I am pretty much the same old Nadine as before; I am still working in this Swedish telecommunication company, still have three kids and a cheeky husband who loves to tease on my up-and-down weight issues 😝 The only addition I have were these wrinkles on my face and the discovery of my very first grey hair. Yeips!😣 😭. I am officially old people....sob!πŸ˜ͺ

During my absence, I do short writings on my IG whenever I feel the urge to blog but didn't have the luxury of time, hence explaining the 5,302 posts I have so far...hehehe πŸ™Š. This year, I am into readings and religiously I can finished 1-2 books in a month,alternately between fiction and non-fiction. My current reads are the "I heart" series by LK (I'm on the 3rd one - "I heart Vegas") and "Being A Quran Tag Girl by Ayesha Syahira. So far, loving it both πŸ’—

On the unfortunate event, I met with an accident last August and injured my foot (upper ligament tore...ouch!) πŸ˜©πŸ˜”. I have not run, I walked less and heels are totally banned from my foot for a month now (suddenly I am used to wear sport shoes to work, even with my working pants which initially made me felt super-ACKWARrrrD πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ) Hehe. To date, I am is still recovering and wearing ankle support. But I walked more now, gradually since I starting to feel concern about my recent weigh gained, gulp!πŸ˜₯😰 I also wish to start running again soon since I have a running event by end of this month ( I registered months before this accident happened, btw). I hope I can still join it even if it means walking all the way..πŸ™πŸ’ͺ

Lately, I am so into gardening and replanting. The plants which I have are all grown wonderfully, all praise to Allah SWT πŸ’˜. Being motivated by this growth and increase in number of plants that I own, I have two small projects on-going concurrently. Will share this on my next post, InsyaAllah. For now, I am in love, and very excited. Let me share a piece of joy here...

aren't these babies lovely? I actually replant these from it's mother pots! πŸ’š

p/s:Eh bestnya, blog dah ada emoji(s) and sticker. love, love! πŸ˜„πŸ’“

πŸ’‹Till next post,

Monday, April 2, 2018

Penang 2018 - Part 3 , Straits Quay & Ali Capati Corner

After freshen up, we got ready and went to Straits Quay It's our third visit here, and we never had enough of the beautiful scenery of the marina. 

Pretty scenery...just reminded me of the series "Revenge" on Netflix..

We had a seafood lunch in the mall by the marina and overlooking the marina, and the beautiful yachts.

After lunch, we decided to stroll along the marina, enjoying the cooling sea breeze while sight-seeing. Love, love, love the shades of blue..!

My heart and soul...!

In the evening, we decided to go to Little India for some warm, crispy chapatti..nyums! We also planned to meet up with my in-laws, (who just arrived and stayed in town) and to meet up with husband's Swiss uncle and aunts who are in Malaysia for their annual vacation.

Early dinner for us!

If you love fresh capati and roti jala served with various types of curries and kurma, then Ali Capati Corner is the must visit place, ok. It's the best capati in Penang, claimed by many.

My favorite would be their chapati, eaten with their thick chicken curry.  I had two of those, nyums!  I also tried their roti jala, it's sedap as well :)

After capati, we headed to the famous Penang Teochew Cendol of Penang Road. But instead of the original stall located at Penang Road (near Chowrasta Market), we went to their restaurant franchise instead, in Gurney Plaza since my husband wanted to do a bit of shopping there.

To be continued...


Friday, March 30, 2018

Penang 2018 - Part 2 , The Miami Beach

Day 2 weather was bright and sunny, and we started the day with having breakfast at Makan Kitchen. The buffet spread was awesome, with lots of varieties. They even have a separate buffet spread for children, how thoughtful and cute! :) 


Mine, the first round..hehehe

The cute sandwiches @ children buffet spread..

After meal, we went up to our room and changed. We decided to visit the Miami Beach, which is situated across the road from our hotel, interconnected with a flyover from the swimming pool area. This was our first visit to Miami Beach as usually, we will stay at Tanjung Bungah area whenever we come to this island.

The beach is quite pretty with lots of large rocks by the beach side. we went during the tide so the area for twinnies to play with the sand was quite limited. Nevertheless, they did not complaint at all, just enjoyed playing with the sand and the waves. My husband even joint the twinnies to play.

We enjoyed the beach until it was noon, where the sun was scorching hot and our tummy started to feel hungry again. Since the weather was pretty good, we decided to visit Straits Quay and have lunch there.

To be continued...


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Penang 2018 - Part 1, Double Tree by Hilton Resort, Hameediyah & Kapitan Restaurant

Penang Island and us is no stranger. At least once a year, we will plan a trip up North to spend few days in the island just to relax and enjoy good food there.

This year, we took the advantages of March's school break to bring the kids to the island again, for them to get their vitamin C (sea), and for us both to take a break from work and relax, apart from indulging in good food. Penang food are to die for!

The kids excited faces were priceless!

The journey to the Island is quite smooth as we left KL mid of the week. The weather was sunny and bright. Since we arrived during lunchtime, we decided to go to Georgetown for lunch. Our first Nasi Kandar indulgence was from Hameediyah Restaurant. Their thick gravy and the crispy chicken is to die for! 

 Diet what???

Once the craving has been satisfied, and the tummies were fulled, we proceed to Batu Ferringhi to check-in the hotel. This time, we decided to stay at Double Tree by Hilton Resort, which was just opened few months back. As usual, we were greeted by the delicious cookies upon arrival.

My kids, while waiting for our room..

We spent the entire evening by the swimming pool and kids pool. Let the kiddos enjoy puas2! Hihi.

Later that night, we went to Georgetown again for dinner. We decided to dine in at our favourite restaurant, Kapitan Nasi Kandar, in Little India. We had our favourite Claypot Briyani, chicken and mutton. Nyums!!

That pretty much sums up our first day in Penang Island. To be continued... :)


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nadine Little Garden

Gardening has been my passion since we moved in to our own house few years ago. I've started a mini garden at the backyard previously but often it's being vandalized either by stray cats, snails (i hate them the most!) and bugs.

I've tried to re-plant 5- 6 times afterwards and tried hard to maintain the mini garden but it was tiring and sometimes, frustrating. Also, I was caught in one of the toughest project (work-wise) for 1.5 years which I spent sleepless night and weekends at the office that I don't have time at all to maintain the garden.

So at last, I decided to plant the easiest plants at the backyard and started micro-planting few plants in the small pots and see first if I managed to grow them well before transporting it to bigger pots or on the ground. FYI, I love to grow plants from scratch i.e from the seeds instead of  "anak pokok" as it trains me to be patience, to be perseverance  and appreciative. The satisfaction of successfully harvesting the flowers/leaves/fruits from these plants are priceless!!

Just like what I am currently feeling about our lettuce plants; the latest edition of my little garden. Falisya helped me to plants the seeds last December, and now we already started to harvest the 2nd batch of the lettuce leaves. #majorlove

The butterfly blue-pea plants at the backyard also started to bloom it's flowers, about 15-20 per day. It was lovely, and a friend even told me it looks like the secret flower garden of Wakanda (if you watched Black Panther, you'll understand :D). I took the opportunity to dried it and keep it in a container so that I can use it as tea/juice/food coloring :)