Friday, March 18, 2011

My Very 1st Grilled Lamb Steak

Although cooking is my passion, I had never cooked lamb in my life. Firstly, I am not really a fan of lamb, and as far as I remember, my mother never cooked lamb in her house either.

"Kambing kalau tak pandai masak, hanyir dia tak hilang.."

That's what she said when I asked her whenever my late father or my little brother craving for lamb meal, we dine out instead. The story is different when I got married to Fadzil. His family, especially my father in-laws (FIL), loves lamb. Mama always cooked lamb as part of our lunch or dinner meal. Lucky me, Fadzil also not a big fan on lamb so I thought it's ok for me not to know how to cook lamb. Hihi, so I thought lah kan....

The day finally come when I have to cook lamb. Ok, not HAVE TO, I was the one who VOLUNTEERED :P My FIL did something sweet for me last month so I thought it would be nice if I can cook something for him as a return. Since papa loves lamb and loves Western food I chose to cook grilled lamb steak. Told Fadzil about the idea and he approves it. Fadzil kalau bab steak2 ni, ok je... :D

Since it will be my first time cooking grilled lamb, I did a little bit research through the net on the recipe, especially the marinating part and this is what I've found out:

Westerners, especially the Europeans mostly use 3 main ingredients; Salt, Pepper & Rosemary/Basil, while the Indians mostly use spices such as Cumin, Black Paper & Turmeric Powder and the Chinese uses
Soy Sauce & Ginger as their main marinade ingredients. From the website, I can see most of the recipe just used the ready-made brown/bbq sauce such as HP sauce as the marinade. After taking tips from few recipes, I decided to marinade the lamb with my own experimental recipe using only 4 main ingredients:

Powdered Ginger, Steak Spice Seasoning, Olive Oil & Black Pepper (not in the photo).


Mixed the powdered ginger, black paper and steak spice seasoning as well as the olive oil into a small bowl until the mixture become a paste. Marinate the lamb with the paste.

(I used 1/2 tb spoon of powdered ginger, 1/2 tb spoon of black paper, 1 tb spoon of steak seasoning and 1 tb spoon of olive oil)

For those who are wondering, Steak Spice ingredients consist of:

The ingredients look fine, so I tak was-was guna :).
FYI, salt is included as well so no additional salt is needed.

Considering both me and Fadzil were clueless about lamb, we bought lamb shoulders for the steak. What we've learned from Papa later on were these useful tips especially for a first timer like me:

Tips no.1: Lamb shoulder meat is tougher as it contains a lot of muscles.
Tips no. 2: Lamb leg is more suitable for steak as it is more tender and contains less fat
Tips no. 3: However, the shoulder meat can be tender if we marinate it for a longer period (if you want to avoid using meat tenderizer)

Since I was so worried that my steaks will not be tender, dengan semangatnya I did the marinating as early as 8.30 am in the morning and only started cooking by 6.30 in the evening. About 10 hours tu!! haha!

my marinated lamb..
When preparing the lamb, I've learned more tips...

Tips no. 4: Pan fried your steak for about 15-20mins (with minimal oil; enough for the meat not to stick on the pan) until the lamb's fat dissolves, then only transfer the steak onto a griller/into the oven for grilling process till the meat is well done. Trust me, your steak will turned out more tasty! Garing diluar, lembut n masak di dalam! ;)Tips no. 5: Don't throw away the residue from the grilled meat. Transfer it into a measuring cup. Scoop up the first thin layers of oil and throw it away. Take the remaining juice and used it as part of ingredients for the steak gravy, instead of using chicken stock/broth.

Alhamdulillah, my steak turns out quite well; the meat was tender, the meat tasted so good with the marinade recipe and most of all, my family loves it, especially Papa. Kena puji sampai makin kembanglah perut mak buyung yg sedia kembang ni. Hihi. :) However, my steak was a bit salty in certain parts. Padan muka yours truly sebab gatal tangan last minute pegi sprinkle some salt on the meat before grilling :P

my first grilled lamb steak:
served with brown & black paper sauce, mashed potatoes, cherry tomatoes, boiled broccoli & boiled corn

Of course our little darling was not forgotten. For him I made grilled chicken breast with brown sauce, mashed potatoes and boiled broccoli. Tapi budak kecik ni tak sabar-sabar, belum sempat letak gravy dia dh start makan. Tak sabar betul nak main potong2 pakai pisau :P

Hopefully these tips will be useful for a first timer like me. For those who are considered as Pro in cooking lamb, do share your tips with me. Mana tau nak masak lagi lamb in the future, it will be a good reference :)

Till next recipe, daaaa!


Ummu Umar said...

wow look so yummy...must try this...thanks yer sharing ur recipe.. :)

mommynadia said...

Nad..mane I nak cr lamb steak sedap ni..drooling tau!!!
U ni..rajin betul tau..dah lah tgh carry twins,asyik masak aje..best2 plak tu!!thumbs up!!!

sorry dear..I'm not the pro in cooking lamb..even masak ape2 pun tak pro..

Actually me also not a fan of lamb!but looing ur final results...mmg buat I tempting...and will tell en hubby..sila salahkan Pn Nadine kalau Nadia mintak lamb steak for tonite's dinner k!!

mommaholicSURI said...

Nadine, Your first time was a HUGE success babe. :)

Me and Armi are not a fan of lamb. But i think i can apply the same technique to Beef. Boleh x? Boleh x? hihi

ummi_ziz said...

Nadia, thumbs up! baru 1st time masak lamb trus wat lamb steak tuhh..;) izu dh byk kali msk lamb tp gulai2 n grg2 je..;p

Hisham loves lamb, so do i when i tried it for the 1st time..(kt UK thn 2006..sblom tu tk pnh mkn..:p) kt sini lamb tk hanyir sbb sejuk kot, n it is so fresh! :)

As usual, TQ for sharing. ;)

Diyana Khoo said...

sedapnya. memang boleh bagi marks 15/10 ni. sebab mmg nampak sedap and dapat puji dari ur FIL pula. so semestinya menjadi la. hehe.

thanks a lot for sharing the tips. kitaorg ni mmg suka sangat makan lamb; both sides - fariq&cd. hehe.

Nadine said...

Ummu Umar,

Kalau sudi tryla yer. resipi sempoi2, org baru blajar masak kambing..hihi. Zah duk Dubai lama mesti sgt tere masak kambing kan? :)

Nadine said...


Upsie! Sorry dear buat u craving plak. Tulah, I thot since u tak bape layan kambing takde la u bleh ter-crave..

Tak taula Nad, dlm tak larat diri lama2, kali ni preggy asik rasa nak masak je. every time lepas masak mmg I lepak habis, tp tak blaja2 jugak. bila desire tu dtg mmg nak masak jugak. Pelik tul..hehe

I hope by now En. Harith dh tunaikan ur craveness for lamb steak..(I'm sure dpt punyelah! ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwh, tula nasib baik jadi dear. Kalau tak sure I rasa bersalah sgt2. Nak buat something sweet for my in laws pastu jd disaster plak kan. Tp steak I termasin sket in some parts. Nasibla mine and hubby's yg kena. My in-laws punye steak fine. Padan muka sendiri pegi gatal tangan last minute sprinkle extra salt..heee! :P

Yes dear, boleh :) Just kurangkan garlic powder tu je. Kambing hanyir sket compared to beef kan. I put more ginger utk kurangkan bau hanyir tu. :)

Nadine said...


Thumbs up kat Izu la, first time masak lamb dh masak gulai bagai. Nadia tak reti Izu! Buat steak ni senang je, bhn pun x complex sbb tu Nadia pilih.. :)

Oh ye ke, senang la mcm tu kan. Nadia n Fadzil tak brape suka kambing. Kalau yg kering2 mcm goreng/grilled tu boleh la layan jugak tp yg buat gulai mmg kitaorg tak lalu. Mesti izu pro masak kambing since Isham loves it kan? Nanti2 boleh la blaja ngan Izu bila Nadia perlu masak kambing lagi..can I? :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Awwwh, thanks dear. Kena dgn selera papa, jadi dia pujila. kita pun lega..hihi :)

Since u guys loves lamb, ape lagi..sudi2kanlah try out my humble + simple recipe ni :)

Ummu Umar said...

Nad, pernah masak sekali je masak tu pun masa raya korban, daging korban semua lamb, xdak lembu, not bad la kalu masak sendiri, tapi we all mmg fall in love to lamb bila dua tahun duk sana, tapi lamb sana lain skit dr kt sini, kurang baunya and kadang mcm daging biasa. skrg sebulan skali mesti pekena mandi lamb kt rawsha atau saba' xleh tinggal...

Mimy Hamid said...

nad..i tak makan u buat ni buat i teruja nak try...i favvy chicken chop nyum nyum

Nadine said...

Mimy, mmg ramai kurang makan lamb kan. I makan, tp bknla favourite :) Hey, chicken chop is my favourite too! tp I slalu ngelat bila prepare. beli chicken breast instead of peha ayam. I blum reti nak de-bone the meat, belum sempat berguru ngan mak..hehe

Nadine said...

Zah, tula Izu pun ckp kat UK lamb dia tak hanyir cam kat M'sia. Untung korang :) Mesti faktor cuaca n pemakanan kambing2 tu eh?

BTW, Nadia & Fadzil mmg minat tau Middle East food altho kitaorg kurang makan lamb. Br haritu try Al-Rawsha, bestlah! Saba' pun best jugak. Kalau masuk ofis Cyberjaya mmg kesana la :)

Pretty Folds said...

omg babeee! just got to singgah ur blog! and lps baca ur entry ni, terus kecur lidah okkkk! that looks super good! i selalu jugak masa lamb, tp takde lah pulak tau tips tips bagai ni hahahaha. main masakkkk je janji sedap :P oh oh, i tgk ur mashed potato pon mcm sedappp je u! share recipe gravy boleh dokkkk :D

Nadine said...


Org dh pro mmg tak perlu tips bagai, you. Main campak2 pun jadi sodap je. Tul tak??! :)Org tak reti mcm I je kena. Hehee...anyway, FIL I dulu used to handle family business - jual daging. Tu yg banyak tips dia share ngan I :)

Hihi, gravy dia i buat simple2 je you. Maybe dlm gamba kot nmpk mcm tempting je. Anyway mmg kebetulan akak ipar I br je tanya d resipi. Nanti I share k :)